November 30th

Monday, November 30th, 2020

Today is a “Y” day


LUNCH MONDAY (11/30): Lemon Chicken on Brown Rice, Chef Salad MEATLESS OPTION:  Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza, Black Bean Bowl over Brown Rice, Cheese Chef Salad


Dragon Ticket Winners:

  • 6th grade: Jessenia Lozoya, Alycia Muratella
  • 7th grade: Hector Tapia Silva, Hoang Anh Vo
  • 8th grade: Yessica Zacarias Gaspar, Kareem Yahya

Please come to the office during lunch to claim your prize!

TICK Awards:  Congratulations to the following students for winning the T.I.C.K. Student of the Week Award.  Congratulations to 6th graders Valeria Guerrero, Kuot Jual, Rami Shammo, Omar Meza, Jason Luis Bernal & Perla Orozco.

Yearbooks:  Don’t forget to purchase a yearbook for the 2020-2021 school year for $20.00 in the office or you can order one online from the Goodrich Website.