May 21st

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Today is a “Y” day


LUNCH WEDNESDAY (5/22):  Corn Puppies   MEATLESS OPTION:  Assorted Meatless Entree

LUNCH THURSDAY (5/23):  Crustless Soybutter & Jelly Sandwich with Cheese Stick   MEATLESS OPTION:  Crustless Soybutter & Jelly Sandwich with Cheese Stick


Yearbooks:  Yearbooks can be ordered in the office for $20.00.  Reserve your yearbook today!

Last Week of School Expectations

Bags:  No bags (athletic bags, back packs, purses, etc.) will be allowed in the building this week.  DO NOT BRING ANY BAGS OF ANY KIND TO SCHOOL!

May 23rd Dismissal:  When dismissed on the last day of school, we expect all students to leave the building AND school area immediately.

Dismissal Times on May 23rd

  • 6th Grade — 2:40 pm
  • 7th Grade — 2:48 pm
  • 8th Grade — 2:55 pm

CLC Students:  Students who are attending CLC programming on Thursday, May 23rd will exit the building with their class and then report to Door #2 for CLC check-in.   You will not be able to walk through the building to go to CLC.