October 9th

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Today is an “X” day


LUNCH WEDNESDAY (10/10):  Cherry Chicken on Brown Rice, Hamburger Pizza, Nebraska Bun, Chef Salad   MEATLESS OPTION:  Hummus w/Cheese Stick & Savory Pizza Crackers, Meatless Chef Salad

LUNCH THURSDAY (10/11):  Spaghetti & Meat Sauce, Mexi Pizza, Shredded Chicken Carnitas on Flour Tortilla, Chef Salad   MEATLESS OPTION:  Spaghetti w/Marinara Sauce & Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, Meatless Chef Salad


Dragon Ticket Winners:                                             

  • 6th grade:  Jackson Henman, Ceona Jordan                                                                         
  • 7th grade:  Taloach Chuol, Mackenzie Johnson                                                          
  • 8th grade:  Zara Bryan, Diman Khudhur

Please come to the office during lunch to play Plinko and claim your prize!

Science Bowl Team try outs are this week after school on Tuesday, October 9th and Wednesday, October 10th.  The try outs will be held in Mr. Little’s room #12 and Mrs. Jantz’s room #116. This is open to 6-8th graders interested in Math and Science.

8th Grade Volleyball:  There will be an 8th Grade Volleyball Celebration in Miss Felker’s Room from 3 to 4 pm today, October 9th, 2018!  If you played 8th Grade Volleyball at any time this year, you should come to the celebration!

Food Market:  This month’s food market will be Thursday, October 11th, 2018 after school.  Please remember to go to your locker first and walk in the halls.  The food market is open to all Goodrich students and families and it’s FREE!

Latina Girls Club will meet after school on Thursday, October 11th, 2018 from 3:00-4:00 pm in Ms. Felker’s room #11.

Instrumental Concert:  There will be a 7th & 8th Grade Band & Strings Concert on Thursday, October 11th, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the South Gym.